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Waterwater specialise in garden fountains and indoor water features. All water design projects are their speciality.

Waterwater was established by Greg Jones and Miriam Gill in 2001 to introduce the natural benefits of moving water into everyday living. The sound and sight of the movement of water create unique atmospheric qualites: tranquility, calm, refreshment and stimulation.

These are captured in their products, which combine water fountains with the functions of lighting and furniture, providing a practical and therapeutic solution to living and working needs. Strict attention to style and detail is always an uncompromised factor in their designs. Waterwater has a growing portfolio of made to order water features in a range of materials. They provide for garden and indoor settings, and make bespoke water features by request.

Commissioned fountains make up a large part of their work. These range greatly in size, material and concept. Waterwater relish the challenge of responding to briefs and creating unique concepts, then seeing these through to manufacture and installation.

Waterwater's illuminated opal water column is a floor standing water feature and made from perspex and comes in frosted glacier green and opal. Coloured filters can be used within the fountain to created very different moods. Price £850.

The illuminated opal water cube is ideal for creating particular moods. Opal perspex, cool light and a spring-like water fountain create a relaxing ambience in both indoor and garden settings. A huge range of coloured light filters can be used within the design. Bespoke versions of the Opal Water Cube are available by request. Price £800.

Visit Waterwater's website to see their full range of products.

essential info
Please contact Waterwater for product information and services for all your garden or indoor water feature plans, big or small.
address Waterwater, 18 The Campsbourne, London N8 7PN, UK
tel +44 (0)20 8341 1326

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