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The Model One and PAL Radios
New in at SCP, the Model One and the PAL (Portable Audio Laboratory) from Tivoli. Tivoli Radio are the sort of products that get audio enthusiasts in a spin and design purists waxing lyrical about form and function.

Designed by the late great audio-boffin Henry Kloss, these radios have won awards from industry and plaudits from critics and public alike.

PAL (Portable Audio Laboratory): reassuringly robust, this rubberised weather resistant unit offers all the hallmarks of the Tivoli brand in a portable format. With built-in AFC (Automatic Frequency Control) to enable better reception and less distortion, the PAL gives the discerning radio listener unrivalled sound quality wherever they may be.

Other features include a magnetically shielded speaker and a powerful rechargeable battery that ensures 20 hours of playback time. Whether it's for long balmy summer evenings listening to music in the park, or for the sound of leather upon willow whilst attempting to fix your bike in the garage, the PAL makes an ideal companion.

PAL retails at 130.00 and is available in red, white and blue.

Model One: simple, austere and deeply satisfying, the Model One is a small rectangular wooden box that delivers peerless sound quality and an elegant functionality rarely seen in consumer electronics.

The secret behind the sound is a combination of the wood construction and the GaAS MES-FET technology; this allows Model One to receive more stations in greater clarity than many so called high-fidelity tuners. From the font used on the dial numbers, to the quality of the wood finish, this is a radio that has clearly been built with meticulous care. For those who still see radio as the 'senior service', this is the one for you.

Model One retails at 100.00 and is available in black and walnut.

essential info
The Model One and PAL Radios
Both the Model One and the PAL are available from the SCP Shop Shoreditch (see below).
address SCP Shop Shoreditch, 135-139 Curtain Road, London, EC2A 3BX UK
tel +44 (0)20 7739 1869
fax +44 (0)20 7729 4224

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