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Theobroma Cacao Painted Chocolate Eggs
Theobroma Cacao is an original and vibrant chocolaterie, where innovative and unique products are handmade to the highest standards using only the purest natural ingredients.

All of Theobroma's recipes are designed and developed by Philip Neal, founder of Theobroma Cacao, throughout his career as head Pattisier in some of the UK’s leading five star establishments.

Theobroma Cacao's medium sized handmade chocolate "red" easter eggs are around 15cm high and are made from our finest white chocolate.

The egg is then handpainted with an abstract design of strawberry colouring to create the unique finish.

The completed egg is then filled with a selection of their favourite handmade chocolates, wrapped in tissue paper and finished with a ribbon.

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Theobroma Cacao Painted Chocolate Eggs
A delcious selection of Theobroma Cacao's choclate delights can be viewed in their online shop.

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