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Syam Collection by Jars
The production site of Jars is to be found in its traditional location on the edge of the Provence region of France.

All pieces manufactured by Jars Ceramistes show all the characteristics of authenitic raw materials.

The colour variations bare witness to the fact that this is a craft product, made with a living ceramic clay. Jars products are perfectly adapted for today's lifestyle - dishwasher safe, and resistant to the rigours of everyday use.

The Syam Collection is a fine example. Each teapot, plate saucer, cup and bowl has takes the form of an open flower. Available in three beautiful iridescent colours of white, turquoise, and lilac.

essential info
Syam Collection by Jars
Find out more about Jars and and their stockists visiting their website.
address Jars Ceramistes F-26140 ANNEYRON France
tel (33) 04 75 31 40 40
fax (33) 04 75 31 44 96

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