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Paul Wayne Gregory Chocolate Sculptures
This Valentine's Day, think outside the chocolate box for a minute and commission a one-off chocolate sculpture by Paul Wayne Gregory and you will almost certainly have them swooning and begging for more.

So adept and imaginative is Paul, with a few bars of chocolate his works look like Turner Prize-winning exhibits (his were the cocoa creations for the Queen's 80th Birthday celebrations).

Paul can sculpt his sumptuous chocolate into just about any shape you like and will even take on a full size body sculpting (if your budget will stretch that far) - whatever you think might tickle your Valentine's fancy. You can commission a bespoke PWG chocolate sculpture at any Harvey Nichols Foodmarket in the UK.

essential info
Paul Wayne Gregory Chocolate Sculptures
Paul Wayne Gregory only uses natural products and does not use any artificial food flavourings or artificial compounds.

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