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Muji Wall Mounted CD Player
MUJI develops and sells all manner of goods delivering quality, value, and a promise of no frills.

Known as an innovator of entirely new uses for materials that might otherwise have been discarded, unused, left over or ignored.

To keep MUJI offerings focused and flexible, heavy attention is paid to the consumer's use of the product and determining manufacturing process on that basis.

Superfluous finishes are rejected, overprocessing is eliminated, and lines and forms are clean and uncluttered for manufacturing ease.

Take a look at MUJI Online which is the Internet extension of MUJI stores, located in Japan, the UK and France to see and buy their latest product designs and see Muji's award winning wall mounted CD Player.

Muji's wall mounted CD player is compact and functional. The speakers are built into the body of the CD player and to make a disc play, you simply pull the cable gently. Volume and search controls are situated on the top of the CD player. This item can only be sold in the EU and conforms to UK and European guidelines on domestic use.

MUJI Wall Mounted CD Player 7807233 (UK Spec)

Price: 79.00

MUJI Online has a larger and more interesting selection of MUJI items than ever before.

essential info
Muji Wall Mounted CD Player
If you would like to buy this CD Player and view other Muji products visit MUJI Online.
tel +44 (0)1595 04940

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