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Molton Brown Day Spa
Step into the fresh air with the new Molton Brown day spa. Step out of life and into a unique personal space with the arrival of the Molton Brown day spa.

The Molton Brown day spa is a totally revolutionary concept. Reflecting the company's pioneering approach to wellbeing it will use its signature blend of exotic bioactive natural ingredients from land and sea.

Located in the village, Bluewater, the Molton Brown day spa is a heavenly therapy centre dedicated to the renewal of the mind and body.The luxurious environment helps to restore the natural state, restart the self and inspire with a blend of adventurous and experimental therapies. These take place in individual Molton Brown Lotuspods: stylish self-contained cocoons created from glass and wood.

This is sensory deprivation in the most positive sense; bathed in healing light, the Lotuspod helps you to focus on internal forces rather than external, taking you out of your worldly context and into a place where the senses of smell and touch are most dominant. Here your brain has a chance to power down and truly relax.

Therapies reawaken the inner and outer self. The palate is cleansed with sorbets and brewed infusions, the body treated to a cocktail of plant and ocean extracts... gingerlily sugar scrubs, olive stone polishes, rose quartz massages, Polynesian camellia facials, equilibrium spritzers for men, naran ji reflex therapies for hands...

Molton Brown gift certificates are available from reception and can be redeemed against day spa therapies or Molton Brown products. Presented in a stylish wallet, the certificates are available in a number of nominations, and can be purchased by phone or in person.

essential info
Molton Brown Day Spa
If you'd like to find out more about the Molton Brown Spa Day, visit the website or call Molton Brown By Mail on 020 7625 6550.
address Molton Brown day spa, Upper Floor, The Village, Bluewater, Kent DA9 9SE UK
tel day spa +44 (0)1322 383382

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