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100 designers, 10 curators, 10 design classics

Spoon provides an up-to-the-minute, global overview of industrial product design and presents the work of 100 contemporary designers who are at the forefront of innovative developments in this field. Spoon covers a vast spectrum of styles, media and work, from kitchen utensils, tools and lighting to furniture, high-tech products and cars.

Essentially an exhibition in a book, 10 curators have each selected the work of 10 designers, whom they consider to have emerged internationally and broken new ground in the last five years. Each designer (arranged A-Z) is featured over two double-page spreads, which are extensively illustrated with sketches, drawings, models and photographs.

'Definitely the book to have for anyone practicing, curious about, interested in or just plain infatuated with industrial design.' ID Magazine

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Title: Spoon
Author: Ron Arrad (editor) et al
Publisher: Phaidon
Price: £45.00 £31.50
ISBN: 0 7148 4251 6
Other info: 210 x 300 mm, 448 pp
c.1000 colour illustrations, Hardback

Prices correct at time of publication.

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