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Photo Trouvee
Photo Trouvee brings together 285 anonymous 'amateur' photographs, which were discovered and collected over a period of over twenty years in flea markets and antique shops.

They are taken from the private collections of Michel Frizot, one of the most highly respected photohistorians in France and internationally, and his colleague Cedric de Veigy, professor of photography and film. These images once belonged to hundreds of now anonymous men and women, both young and old, city- and country-dwellers.

The images have been selected as much for the atmosphere and universal feelings of humanity that they engender as for their intrinsic quality as photographs; in fact, they often provoke more questions in the viewer than they answer. As photographs portraying scenes of everyday life, originating both from the past and nearer to the present, they conjure up familiar images and emotions in the reader, be it of a place, a person, a gesture, or simply an atmosphere.

Frizot and de Veigy introduce this collection of photographs in their own words, providing a concise explanation of their aims when collecting and curating this intimate and intensely atmospheric body of work

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Photo Trouvee
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Title: Photo Trouvee
Author: Michel Frizot, Cedric de Veigy
Publisher: Phaidon
Price: £24.95 £16.22
ISBN: 0714845795
Other info: 320 pages, 22.4 x 17 x 2.5 cm

Prices correct at time of publication.

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