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Ornament in the small garden
Ornamental features, whether they are purely decorative or also have a practical purpose, are the most immediate way of bringing distinctive character to a small garden.

Traditional statues and urns, quirky cut-out figures, brightly painted plant supports, evocative lettering - all bring pleasure throughout the year.

What is more, garden ornament requires little in the way of horticultural skill, so makes the perfect choice for novice gardeners or for those with more style and aspiration than time. However, the task of choosing from the whole gamut that is now available, and placing it effectively, can seem daunting. Sir Roy Strong is the ideal guide. This most stylish of gardeners shows how to consider size and scale, materials, shape, colour and texture; and, crucially, he offers invaluable help in placing garden ornament effectively.

Illustrated with photographs and ground plans, and including in-depth studies of twelve small gardens where ornament is used with particular success - and often with daring originality - this new book breaks free from hide-bound convention and demonstrates the astonishing range of decorative possibilities in the small garden.

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Ornament in the small garden
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Title: Ornament in the small garden
Author: Roy Strong
Publisher: Frances Lincoln
Price: £25.00 £20.00
ISBN: 0711217556
Other info: hardback, 144 pages

Prices correct at time of publication.

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