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Night and low-light photography
This guide begins with an explanation of the technical aspects that need to be considered.

These include discussions on the best equipment to use for night and low-light photography, which films to choose, how to ensure correct exposure in tricky situations, and understanding natural and artificial light.

Following a subject-by-subject format, the book then covers a range of different themes and lighting situations - from landscapes and portraits to buildings, funfairs and firework displays, to weather phenomena such as lightning, and candlelight, twilight, sunrise and sunset. The author explains how even the most inexperienced photographer can take successful shots on the very first attempt.

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Night and low-light photography
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Title: Night and low-light photography
Author: Lee Frost
Publisher: David & Charles
Price: £14.99 £11.99
ISBN: 0-7153-1274-X
Other info: paperback, 192 pages

Prices correct at time of publication.

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