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Design Now! stylingworld
Not only an in-depth exploration of contemporary design practice, Design Now is also a rallying call for a more sustainable approach to product design of every type. » more  
Shopping for Vintage stylingworld
Shopping for Vintage clothing provides a fantastic opportunity to wear beautifully made garments that are totally individual, as well as a small piece of history. » more  
Wallaper* City Guides stylingworld
Wallpaper* City Guides present 10 new cities in the series. A tightly edited, discreetly packaged list of the best a location has to offer the design conscious traveller. » more  
Photo Trouvee stylingworld
Photo Trouvee brings together 285 anonymous 'amateur' photographs, which were discovered and collected over a period of over twenty years in flea markets and antique shops. » more  
Inspired Interiors stylingworld
Inspired Interiors by Judith Miller gives a simple explanation of each style and its history while also looking at the style in a modern context, and gives a visual guide as to how to create the style. » more  
Paris, Shops & More stylingworld
Arm yourself with the stylish guide to style in the world’s style capital! Paris, Shops and more will help you get the most out of your Parisian shopping experience. » more  
500 Flowers stylingworld
A celebration of the beauty of the natural world. Using stunning digital photographic techniques, Roger Camp creates vistas of extraordinary colour, combining varieties of plant species in glorious collages. » more  
Vitamin Ph Perspectives in Photography stylingworld
Following on from the successes of Vitamin P and Vitamin D, Vitamin Ph Perspectives in Photography, provides a third dose of visual stimulation and vital information for the contemporary art world. » more  
Helena Rubinstein: Over the Top stylingworld
This lavishly illustrated volume opens a window into the world of Helena Rubinstein one of the most extravagant and wide-ranging stylemakers of the last century. » more  
The Photograph as Contemporary Art stylingworld
'The Photograph as Contemporary Art' considers the full range of ways that today’s artists engage with photography to make art. » more  
Decorative Art 60s stylingworld
TASCHEN's Decorative Arts series, whose six installments span the 20th century up through the 1970s, carefully reproduces the best of Decorative Art, The Studio Yearbook. » more  
Terence Conran: Storage - Get Organized stylingworld
Whether you prefer cosy clutter or a clean, minimalist sweep, 'Storage' provides all the practical information and creative inspiration you need. » more  
The Silver Spoon stylingworld
The Silver Spoon was conceived and published by Domus, the design and architectural magazine famously directed by Gio Ponti from the 1920s to the 1970s. » more  
Abode a la Mode stylingworld
'Abode a la Mode' is simply the must-have manual for young people with little money and less time, who have had quite enough of boring white walls, unflattering fluorescent lighting, and outdoor-grade carpeting. » more  
The World's Most Photographed stylingworld
The World's Most Photographed explores the photographic imagery of ten figures from history. » more  
Sample stylingworld
SAMPLE presents 100 outstanding fashion designers selected by 10 of the field's leading professionals, including editors, stylists, designers, curators and writers. » more  
Digipop stylingworld
'Ornamentation is a modus operandi for communication, for providing dimension, texture, pattern, depth, and spirit—it is a way to liven up space, to create complementary conditions...' - Karim Rashid » more  
Magnum Stories stylingworld
There are 61 Magnum photographers featured in the Magnum Stories. Each photographer is represented across 8 pages by a photo story of their choice. » more  
Living and Eating stylingworld
Living and Eating goes beyond the food itself to look at the whole context in which we enjoy it - the plates and glasses we eat and drink from, the equipment we use to prepare the food and the kitchen in which we cook. » more  
Brilliant Colour at Home stylingworld
Brilliant Colour at Home believes in bright motifs in decoration – there is a place for brilliant colour in every interior. » more  
Helmut Newton, Sex & Landscapes stylingworld
A rich selection from Helmut Newton’s little-known landscape and travel photographs, as well as unseen tougher sex pictures. » more  
Designers on Design stylingworld
Terence Conran and Max Fraser highlight the influential design leaders of today and delve into the personal characteristics behind their talented persona. » more  
Art Deco 1910-1939 stylingworld
This lavish and erudite book brings together nearly 40 essays from leading experts to discuss the phenomenon that was Art Deco. » more  
The Invention of Chic stylingworld
This book reveals photographer Therese Bonney as an influential player at a key moment in the history of twentieth-century design. » more  
Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec stylingworld
This book presents the work of the French designers Ronan and Erwan bouroullec, the rising stars of international design. » more  
Japanese Graphics Now! stylingworld
Japan's most talented creative professionals strut their stuff in the form of posters, print media, advertisements, visual identity, and print design. » more  
Scandinavian Style stylingworld
This highly illustrated and hugely informative book celebrates the very best in Scandinavian design and manufacturing. » more  
New Decorating stylingworld
With its simple, straightforward and unpretentious approach, the authors show how a contemporary look can be achieved without the need to call in the professionals. » more  
StyleCity London stylingworld
StyleCity LONDON will guide you to the total city experience: where to sleep, eat, drink, shop, retreat, explore, or just hang out in stimulating surroundings. » more  
Spoon stylingworld
Spoon provides an up-to-the-minute, global overview of industrial product design and presents the work of 100 contemporary designers who are at the forefront of innovative developments in this field. » more  
Fashion Now stylingworld
Compiled by the style-savvy staff of the seminal monthly i-D, Fashion Now profiles the work of the 150 most important designers around the globe. » more  
Essential Home stylingworld
Essential Home helps you to make informed decisions about what to put in your home, and shows how the right choices can streamline your style and save money. » more  
Night and low-light photography stylingworld
This guide begins with an explanation of the technical aspects that need to be considered and then covers a range of different themes and lighting situations. » more  
Fashion UK stylingworld
Wittly bound in cloth with raised embroidered text giving a sensuous rich quality to the binding, this little black book, Fashion UK, is a fabulous handy-sized directory of shops. » more  
A Space for Silence stylingworld
Caro Ness explores sacred spaces in the home, through evocative photographs and authoritative text, providing insights into creating such havens in our homes and surrounding environment. » more  
Get the Look stylingworld
This book reveals how the experts create perfectly-styled interiors, using unexpected materials in unexpected places, with an understanding of colour and shade. » more  
Berlin Interiors stylingworld
From the home of the Love Parade's founder to a Turkish cafe, via a garden house, hotel, house boat, bordello, artistÃs loft, rabbi's home, and much more, Berlin Interiors offers an inspiring view of the city and its inhabitants. » more  
Radical Fashion stylingworld
With an innovative design to reflect the contemporary nature of its subject, Radical Fashion will appeal to anyone interested in the style and glamour of today's fashion scene. » more  
Ornament in the small garden stylingworld
This most stylish of gardeners shows how to consider size and scale, materials, shape, colour and texture; and, crucially, he offers invaluable help in placing garden ornament effectively. » more  
Imperfect Beauty stylingworld
Imperfect Beauty contains breathtaking, seminal photographs created by top photographers, stylists and art directors revealing their own take on fashion imagery. » more  
Starck stylingworld
This volume features the Stark philosophy in convenient form. Designs featured range from the three-legged lemon press to the fast food shop in Nimes. » more  
Simple knits for easy living stylingworld
This book takes the best of contemporary design and shows expensive looking throws, cushions wraps, and other home luxuries in wonderful natural yarns; linen, cashere mixes, silk, cotton and wool. » more  
Bringing Italy Home stylingworld
In Bringing Italy Home Ursula Ferrigno brings together traditional fresh, simple vegetarian and fish recipes, based around seasonal produce that is the soul of Italian cooking. » more  
The Art of Collecting and Display stylingworld
A sourcebook of ideas for displaying items within contemporary interiors. The author tackles a range of objects, from paintings, glass and textiles to books, shells and tribal art. » more  
Classic Garden Features stylingworld
Garden expert David Stuart presents a unique visual sourcebook of garden ornaments, from their origins to modern interpretations. » more  
Setting Up Your Shots stylingworld
A complete visual encyclopaedia of creative camera set ups and moves for filmmakers, cinema fans and creatives looking for inspiration. » more  
The Paris Cookbook stylingworld
With a cosmopolitan mix of restaurants Paris boasts a wealth of knowledge and expertise on cooking. Patricia Wells brings this delightful array of tastes into the modern kitchen. » more  
London Interiors stylingworld
A large heavy book lavishly illustrated with photographs of over 40 idiosyncratic residences. This is the tenth volume reflects London in all its spirited diversity. » more  
Face Forward stylingworld
From one of the most successful make-up artists working today comes this inspirational "how-to" guide to make-up. An absolute must for all make-up artists. » more  
Robin & Lucienne Day stylingworld
An invaluable resource for designers, students and design historians. The first major publication on the life and work of Britain's most distinguished post-war designers. » more  
Strand stylingworld
Top photographer Harry Cory Wright has set up his own publishing company, Saltwater Books, to produce stunning, large format 16-page books of his work. » more  
Modern Retro stylingworld
A great book compiled by Neil Bingham and Andrew Weaving. It shows all the ingredients you need to create the modern retro look. » more  
The Simple Floral Home stylingworld
Julia Bird, a highly acclaimed stylist, has created a brilliantly simple yet highly effective new design vocabulary using flowers as her inspiration. » more  
Modern Country stylingworld
Modern Country is both a practical handbook and a visual sourcebook. Natural textures, subtle colours and organic shapes characterize the new, pared-down country style for interiors. » more  
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