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A Space for Silence
Sacred spaces in the home are becoming increasingly popular as people everywhere feel a growing need for prayer, meditation, solace or inspiration.

Caro Ness explores these spaces, through evocative photographs and authoritative text, providing insights into creating such havens in our homes and surrounding environment. Sacred spaces may be sumptuous rooms filled with light, luminous colours, and hallowed objects; others are spare and austere. Some are inspired by a single faith; others encompass a diversity of religions and spiritual practices, from Christianity and Islam to Buddhism and Wicca.

Examples from the home of the famous (including the fashion designer Diana von Furstenburg and the writer Peter Mathiesson) and the not so famous express their owners' striving for balance and harmony through ritual, reflection and prayer.

Discussing in detail the aesthetic of each room, shrine, garden or enclosure, and the impulse that led to its creation, the bok is seasoned with anecdotes from the owners. It also includes insights from spiritual leaders and trend-watchers, as well as the observations of the designers and architects whose work is featured.

Photography by Alen MacWheeney.

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A Space for Silence
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Title: A Space for Silence
Author: Caro Ness
Publisher: Frances Lincoln
Price: £16.99 £13.59
ISBN: 0 71121656 8
Other info: Paperback, 141 pages

Prices correct at time of publication.

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