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Abode a la Mode
Those with an eye for style and a brain for economy will find the hottest, cleverest decorating ideas and use them to turn an ordinary apartment into a fabulous abode.

Have a home that's hip and chic, filled with cool attitude and drop-dead style. Better yet, do it on the cheap, and even when the landlord prohibits so much as a new paint job. This is simply the must-have manual for young people with little money and less time, who have had quite enough of boring white walls, unflattering fluorescent lighting, and outdoor-grade carpeting.

Every decorating dilemma is smartly solved. Want colour on the walls? Then try fabric stripes that adhere with nothing more than spray starch. Every project and suggestion is worth its weight in gold - but costs just pennies.

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Abode a la Mode
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Title: Abode a la Mode
Author: Jeanee Ledoux
Publisher: Sterling
Price: £8.59 £7.73
ISBN: 1402713436
Other info: Paperback, 255 x 215mm, 144 pages

Prices correct at time of publication.

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