Natasha Seery
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Natasha Seery, photographer - independent, no agent
Specialist in  - fashion  - food  - floral  - still life
Mob:+44 (0) 707 444 4433
Fax:+44 (0) 207 278 5967
Based: London UK

Electro-photography stems from 'Kirlian' methods developed for medical purposes in Russia, in the 1930's.

The system records the electrical fields of both natural and man-made subjects. Perfect for producing cutting edge and unique images for advertising and corporate branding, with its extraordinary futuristic and ethereal style.

My equipment is finely tuned to produce a range of styles and electrical effects, using most formats of film/paper depending on the desired effect. We can film this effect in real time too. Recently I have been developing ways to record fashion images and building a working archive.

Clients include: Apple Macintosh, Cap Gemini, Conde Nast, David Morris, EMI, Fidelity Investments, FIFA 2002, Fuji, Kodak, New Scientist, Peugeot, P@G, Sony Playstation, Taboo, Tank Magazine, Vintage. - the directory for stylists and photographers close