Laurence Pasquier
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Laurence Pasquier, stylist - independent, no agent
Specialist in  - homes  - lifestyle  - interiors  - still life
Mob:07904 943231
Based: London and Paris UK/France

After studying textile design at Central Saint Martins, Laurence has been a stylist for three years, sharing her time between London and Paris depending on the projects she is commissioned for. With very different clients including companies in Asia, she knows to adapt to the style of each brief (contemporary, country...), and uses sketches or mood boards to communicate her ideas.

She was recently in charge of furnishing and accessorising the contemporary Suburban House designed by Lynch Architects for the Ideal Home Show.

Laurence specialises in: organising shoots (location, or studio work), styling houses, sourcing locations and props, set designing, writing shopping pages.

Clients include: Living Etc, Le Journal De La Maison, Campagne Decoration, Fouquet's Barriere, Lynch Architects, The Future Laboratory. - the directory for stylists and photographers close