Arianna Cappellini
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Arianna Cappellini, stylist - independent, no agent
Specialist in  - homes  - lifestyle  - fashion
Tel:0039 0573 402159
Based: Pistoia Italy

Having previously worked for a company in Italy which produces quality sofas and armchairs, my job was to liaise with the clients, to maintain and promote the companyís image and to work with the designers, selecting the new models to introduce for production.

I have a good understanding of product promotion, photography and public relations, and very much enjoy working on styling projects. I specialise in catalogue photography both for fashion and interior work, whilst also creating the sets and finding the accessories.

Clients include: Corsini & Proti, Ennedi, Dolce Lia, G & T Collection, Cappelli, Cecchi & Cecchi, Mati SV, Inventi Decoration, Cose Nostre. - the directory for stylists and photographers close